About us

Honesty and solutions

The all-year team is head chef Kim Jensen, caterer Anne Nordberg, restaurant manager Polly Martin and owner Pia Fuglsang.

In the high season from May to October, the team is enriched with 12-15 extra employees. Every year we look forward to 'gathering the family', when local young people return for the summer, to help us when things get very busy.

It is of utmost importance to maintain a good worklife, and happy employees. We serve not only our guests, but equally each other.

The motto at all times is: Honesty and solutions!

All year team

Kim Jensen

Kithcen chef
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Anne Nordberg

Cook and cater
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Pia Fuglsang

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The courtyard

Our green and flowering courtyard is well-visited and admired in the summer. It is definitely recommended to book a table in due time, as the yard is pretty full every day during the high-season. Up to 10 people can be booked online. Larger groups or events, call us, or send us an e-mail.

Mumm has its own atmosphere and its classic cuisine, preserved over the years. We are often inspired by our guests and colleagues from around the world, but surely you will always find good tender steaks and fresh fish on the menu.

At Mumm, we take pride in making you feel welcome, and that your experience of booking, reception, service - and above all the dining experience - makes sense. If it does, spread it. If not, tell us.

Food and consumption

We are supporting our local suppliers. Not everything can be caught/grown/butchered on Ærø, but in fact, a lot can. We use organic, sustainable and Danish products to the greatest possible extent, and continuously work to minimize our environmental marks. This means focusing on less consumption of CO2-polluting foods, and thus more and better vegetarian and vegan dishes. From our garden – back on the premises – we have a variety of herbs most of the year, which are tasty and colourfull adds to our dishes. In recent years, we have switched to more energy-saving refrigeration facilities, and we focus on waste management.