About us

Wind of changes are surely blowing in the world. And at Mumm.

Autumn/winther 2022-2023
In recent years, Mumm has carried out an update of the restaurant, the kitchen and the ‘systems. In 2021 we literally went straight from the Stone Age into the 21st century. The checkout function and the electronic booking system have been very efficient, and it is our impression that you as guests have figured out the online-booking! Most appreciated! Thank you.

Our focus on sustainability and a well functioning work-life balance is more than ever our mindset. We have often ‘paved the road while driving’, in an extremely busy industry – up to, and after the covid pandemic.

We have managed most of it, and have something left to wish for.

For the first time in 10 years we are closing down for two whole months from December 18th to Feruary 28.

We will spend time recruit, and approach better and more sustainable menues. This last is not only to wish for, but requied.

Recruitment has also been a challenge at Mumm, and we must and will rethink how we make ourselves attractive by offering an interesting and better work-life balance. We will avoid the somehow bad reputation in our industry in general, and focus on our own responsibility in particular.

We hope to report more on these subjects in the spring of 2023.

Honesty and solutions

The all-year team is head chef Kim Jensen, caterer Anne Nordberg, restaurant manager Polly Martin and owner Pia Fuglsang.

In the high season from May to October, the team is enriched with 12-15 extra employees. Every year we look forward to 'gathering the family', when local young people return for the summer, to help us when things get very busy.

It is of utmost importance to maintain a good worklife, and happy employees. We serve not only our guests, but equally each other.

The motto at all times is: Honesty and solutions!

All year team

Kim Jensen

Kithcen chef
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Anne Nordberg

Cook and cater
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Pia Fuglsang

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The courtyard

The garden is an admired and cosy spot at Mumm. Surrounded by green plants, hedges and bushes a lunch or an evening-meal is priceless. However the garden is not sheltered or heated. The gods of the wheather decide the outdoor serving.

If they are with us - the gods - and if you have booked a table in due time, you can be almost certain of a place. First come first served!

The entrance to the garden is a must see. Don't miss the large mural in the gate, made by artist Trine Sørensen, who grew up in Ærøskøbing. With a great sense of humour, Trine tells a lot of hilarious stories from our charming village.

We are very proud of this fantastic and colorful painting, creating a speciel southern atmosphere.

Food and consumption

We are supporting our local suppliers. Not everything can be caught/grown/butchered on Ærø, but in fact, a lot can. We use organic, sustainable and Danish products to the greatest possible extent, and continuously work to minimize our environmental marks. This means focusing on less consumption of CO2-polluting foods, and thus more and better vegetarian and vegan dishes. From our garden – back on the premises – we have a variety of herbs most of the year, which are tasty and colourfull adds to our dishes.