Menu – evening


Appetizer of the day

from DKK 85-125

Duet of cold-smoked and fresh salmon

DKK 140

Beetroot tartar

w/ avocado, herbal mayo and crispy rye bread

DKK 85


in garlic and parsley oil

DKK 75

Main course

Fish of the day

from DKK 245-345

Dish of the day

from DKK 225-325

Today's vegetarian dish

from DKK 195 -245

House Evergreen

Teriyaki marinated beef tenderloin

w/ seasonal garnish and potato

DKK 335

➜ All dishes can be served in half portions for children and less-eaters.

Vegetarian main courses

Baked potato

w/ herb cream, fried cabbage and chickpeas

DKK 195

Beetroot or falafel steak

w/ seasonal garnish and potato

DKK 195

➜ All can be served vegan - Half portions for children and less-eaters possible.


Creme brulé

DKK 80

Creme brulé and an Irish Coffee

DKK 140

Raspberry pie


DKK 105

Chocolate brownie

w/ orange sorbet

DKK 115

Changes may occur!
For more than 10 people, the menu must be ordered in advance.