Today's starter

from DKK 85-145


w/lime caviar, parmesan chips, salad and dressing

DKK 125

Smoked pork tenderloin

with pickled tomatoes, mustard seeds and fire roasted cheese

DKK 125


in garlic and parsley oil

DKK 79

Celery ravioli

with citrus marinated beetroot and buttermilk sauce

DKK 79

Main course

Today's main course

Seasonal - see board or ask the staff!

from DKK 195-275

Today's fish

from DKK 195-395

House Evergreen

teriyaki marinated beef tenderloin

DKK 295

Mushroom ragout

with parpardelle-pasta

DKK 175


Apple pie

with marzipan and whipped sour cream

DKK 90

Chocolate souffle

DKK 90

Creme brulé

DKK 70

Creme brulé og en Irish Coffee

DKK 130