Evening menu


Beetroot tartare

with hummus, avocado, balsamic syrup and chips

DKK 105

Caprese salad

Caprese salad

DKK 95

White Danish asparagus

with hand-peeled prawns and hollandaise

DKK 168

White Danish asparagus

White Danish asparagus

DKK 138

Main courses

Fish of the day

from DKK 275 - 345

Pan-fried plaice

with potatoes, cucumber salad and parsley sauce

DKK 285

Teriyaki-marinated beef tenderloin

with today's garnish

DKK 335

Grilled scallions

with sauce verte seasonal greens

DKK 175

Children's menu


DKK 95


Homemade parfait

with berry compote and nut crumble

DKK 125

Classic Danish dessert ‘rødgrød med fløde’

DKK 85

Chocolate mousse cake

DKK 110

Creme Brulé

DKK 95

Creme Brulé and an Irish Coffee

DKK 155

Changes may occur!
For more than 10 people, the menu must be ordered in advance.