Menu – evening


Today's starter

from DKK 110-170

Tapas plate

with blinis, pâté, tartar, mozzarella stick, grignotons, olives and tapenade

DKK 145

Tapas vegetarian

with blinis, mozzarella/tomato, veggie-tots, avocado, olives and tapenade

DKK 125

Fried tiger prawns

in chili and garlic

DKK 145

Beetroot crudité

w/ avocado cream and cashew

DKK 85


in garlic and parsley oil

DKK 85

Main course

Today's dish

from DKK 245-395

Today's fish

from DKK 245-395

Fried salmon

with hollandaise, today’s garnish and roasted potatoes

House Evergreen

DKK 275

Teriyaki marinated beef tenderloin

with chef´s sauce, potato and garnish

DKK 335

➜ Can be served in half portions for children and less-eaters.

Vegetarian main courses

Beetroot steak

with today's garnish and Ærø potatoes

DKK 195

Mushroom risotto

DKK 195

Baked potato

w / scallion, herbal cream and roasted chickpeas

DKK 175

➜ All can be served vegan Half portions for children and less-eaters possible.


Chocolate mousse medallion

DKK 100

Raspberry pie with hazelnut


DKK 105


with apricot and onion compote

DKK 145

“Rødgrød med fløde”

roasted almonds and cream

DKK 75

Creme brulee

DKK 70

Creme brulee and an Irish coffee

DKK 130

Changes may occur!
For 12 people or more, the menu must be pre-ordered.