Restaurant Mumm

- in the heart of Ærøskøbing


Restaurant Mumm is located in the heart of Ærøskøbing, and with its almost 50 years in business, Mumm is a well-known and popular restaurant.

Mumm has its own atmosphere, and its classic cuisine, preserved over the years. We are often inspired by our guests, colleagues and trends, but surely you will always find a tender steak and fresh fish on the menu.

We take pride in making sure you feel welcome and that your experience of booking, reception, service - and above all food experience - makes sense. If it does, pass it on. If not, please tell us.

Opening hours

From May to September
Lunch from 12 -3 pm.
Evening from 6 pm.
Other periods - check the bookingsystem!


Quality ingredients and tasty dishes

We are supporting our local suppliers. Not everything can be caught/grown/butchered on Ærø, but in fact, a lot can. We use organic, sustainable and Danish products to the greatest possible extent, and continuously work to minimize our environmental marks.

This means focusing on less consumption of CO2-polluting foods, and thus more and better vegetarian and vegan dishes. From our garden – back on the premises – we have a variety of herbs most of the year, which are tasty and colourfull adds to our dishes.

Tender steaks – always!

Served with todays garnish – kitchens fantasy and ideas

Restaurant Mumm

Freshly caught fish

Flatfish, cod, turbot, sole, saithe, hake – seasonal and ditto garnish

Restaurant Mumm

Delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes

Try it!

Restaurant mumm

Lunch menu

Restaurant Mumm

Evening menu

The courtyard

The garden is an admired and cosy spot at Mumm. Surrounded by green plants, hedges and bushes a lunch or an evening-meal is priceless. However the garden is not sheltered or heated. The gods of the wheather decide the outdoor serving.

If they are with us - the gods - and if you have booked a table in due time, you can be almost certain of a place. First come first served!

The entrance to the garden is a must see. Don't miss the large mural in the gate, made by artist Trine Sørensen, who grew up in Ærøskøbing. With a great sense of humour, Trine tells a lot of hilarious stories from our charming village.

We are very proud of this fantastic and colorful painting, creating a speciel southern atmosphere.

What customers say ..


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+380 reviews


+380 reviews


+25 reviews

Offers, among other things, half portions for small eaters or those of us who were pressed for time due to the last ferry departure. Particularly delicious and well-prepared fish dishes. Will definitely come again and stay longer next time.
Susanne Lützen
We enjoyed a delicious vegan gourmet three course meal here on our wedding day. Highly recommended!
Christian M.
Super delicious food, high quality. Beautiful surroundings and friendly service. Can really be recommended, we will definitely come again.
Jacob Rosendal