Lunch menu

Open sandwiches - "Smørrebrød"

Egg and handpeeled shrimp

with mayo and trout roe

DKK 89

Roast beef

with tartarsauce, pickled cucumber, horseradish and fried onions

DKK 89


with caper cream, onion and herb-oil

DKK 79


with bacon, red onion and herb mayo

DKK 79

Beef tartar on toasted rye bread

with truffle mayo, Jerusalem artichoke chips and pickled red onions

DKK 95

Eggs and tomato

with onion and mayo

DKK 69

Smoked cream cheese

with cucumber, red onion and chives

DKK 69

All garnished with organic micro-greens from Ærø!

➜ Vegan – please ask the waiter!

“Shooting Star” toast

w/hand-peeled shrimp, smoked halibut asparagus salad and herb mayo

DKK 189


Today´s pie

DKK 70

Changes may occur!
For 10 people or more, the menu must be pre-ordered.

Organic egg with hand-peeled prawns

w/hollandaise on toasted bread

DKK 145

Organic egg on tomato

w/onion and mayo one rye bread

DKK 79


w/bacon, onion and herb-mayo on rye bread

DKK 99

Beetroot tartar on crispy rye bread

w/avocado hummus, mayo and chips

DKK 95

Tartar on crispy rye bread

w/truffle mayo, pickled mustard seeds, onion and chips

DKK 145

Chicken salad

w/apple, cranberries, pickled beech hats and cheese on rye bread

DKK 125

Mumm's specialty

Fresh Ærø fish

w/mustard mayo, quail eggs, beetroot puree and bacon on rye bread

DKK 145

Mumm's specialty without bacon

DKK 135

Hot dishes

‘Shooting star’ - buttered toast

w/fresh fish, handpeeled prawns, smoked halibut, asparagus salad and herbal mayo

DKK 199

Danish mushrooms a la cream

on butter toasted bread with Danish cheese

DKK 175


Rhubarb pie

w/creme fraishe

DKK 95

Raspberry pie


DKK 115

Changes may occur!
8 people or more, the lunch must be ordered in advance!